Monday, May 2, 2011

Will spring ever come to western Wisconsin?  This morning, May 2 it was snowing!!!!!! Thank goodness nothing stuck to the ground -- the shovel was spared!!  These cold, gray, wet mornings and afternoons and evenings lend themselves to 'making'!

 Because I have a big order for knit things due in August, on these days I have been knitting and making progress!  These things --  fingerless gloves and leg-warmers --  don't really look that interesting in photos but I must say I am using great yarns and the product looks good.  Every time I look in my yarn basket however, there is my blue quilt square staring up at me! Stitch me, stitch me it is saying!  Okay, Okay I answer back!  But there are very few creative juices in my head.  I think that too much has happened in my life in the last months ---- but those creative ideas will come back, I am sure!

In the mean time -- we can all enjoy the Yarn!!!!
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