Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate!  Today we have sunshine!!!!!  Opps!  Said that too fast.  The sun is gone and it looks like we will have rain!  Well, at least we know that the sun is out there -- somewhere!

And my quilt square for Primary Colors whose progress I am attempting to show in my page, A Journey with a Quilt and a Blog -- yes, the blue one, is working it's way to the top of the to-do stack.  Yesterday I even bought some hand dyed silk ribbon, some pale blue fresh water pearls and some beautiful hand painted Waterlilies threads by Caron. Yum!!!  Beginning to feel like I need to ONLY stitch on this beauty and put aside all else.

Here is a tiny bit of that blue square. Have a great day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Will spring ever come to western Wisconsin?  This morning, May 2 it was snowing!!!!!! Thank goodness nothing stuck to the ground -- the shovel was spared!!  These cold, gray, wet mornings and afternoons and evenings lend themselves to 'making'!

 Because I have a big order for knit things due in August, on these days I have been knitting and making progress!  These things --  fingerless gloves and leg-warmers --  don't really look that interesting in photos but I must say I am using great yarns and the product looks good.  Every time I look in my yarn basket however, there is my blue quilt square staring up at me! Stitch me, stitch me it is saying!  Okay, Okay I answer back!  But there are very few creative juices in my head.  I think that too much has happened in my life in the last months ---- but those creative ideas will come back, I am sure!

In the mean time -- we can all enjoy the Yarn!!!!
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