Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh it has been so very long since I have added to this blog. My initial intent was to document
the creation of a Crazy Quilt wall hanging, block by block. Well, I was derailed! We moved -- from beautiful Door County, WI to beautiful Hudson, WI to be near some of our children. Shortly after we moved, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and 3 1/2 months later, in March he passed away.  Oh dear! So many changes and challenges in such a short time! Thank goodness for family and friends! They have all been terrific! And new friends! All amazing!

And we have had two weddings and a new grandbaby, all since we have moved here!  

Now I have time -- to make, create, get organized!  And I find I am not as productive as I thought I would be!!  Oh darn!!!  The said documented quilt has been put on hold.  It will get done sometime! 

I do have a little business! My things are actually in 5 stores so I am very busy keeping up with the product need there.  And just what is in these 5 stores?

Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves and Leg Warmers at Ecology Sports, Sister Bay, WI
Recycled Fabric Covered Journals at Funky Hannah, Racine, WI
Recycled Fabric Covered Journals at Petal Pusher, Green Bay, WI
Recycled Fabric Covered Journals at Seasons on St. Croix, Hudson, WI
Recycled Fabric Covered Journals at Harriet Brewery, Mn

So, life marches on.  New friends, old friends and family keep me going and my love of creating is coming back!  Yeah!!!  My house is a bit empty but my head and heart are full of wonderful, wonderful memories!  Elmer Keller was a wonderful man!  I was very lucky to have him in my life!

When you have time, check out the above businesses!  
And thanks for stopping at my blog!