Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello everyone!  Sorry that it has been so long in between blog posts!  ---- just no time!  And actually not a lot to say except KNIT, KNIT, KNIT, BIND JOURNALS, KNIT!!!  And so on!

This past spring I received  a wonderfully big order for my knit items ----- Fingerless Gloves and Leg Warmers!  I have one month left to complete the order 21 leg warmers to go --- here is a photo of the stash so far!!!!!  Amazing -- to me at least !!!!  Crazy!!!

And then there is the order for 24 Recycled Fabric Covered Journals.  Here are three so far and then here is a picture of some of the fabulous buttons which go on the journals and then the stash of wool fabrics used to create the covers!  



So, work, work, work!  Fun Too!!!!  If you are interested in any of these items, check out my Etsy Shop.  There are some other items there also, but not any of the new things.  Those are all spoken for but feel free to drop me a note about what you would like, color, etc and I will help you out!  It is very good to be so busy but I have a new grand baby and would love to make her something but --------- no time!!!!!    I do dearly love my customers however and those returning customers!!!!  Wow!!!!!  So great!!!!!!

Okay, continue with your summer plans, stay safe, hope you are having fun and thanks for checking back!  I love seeing your blogs too!!!!!!  Keep blogging!!!!!!