Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today is a beautiful day in Hudson, Wisconsin!  The sun is shining, air is cool (45 degrees) and no wind!!!  Thank goodness!  We do seem to have a lot of wind here in western Wisconsin along the St. Croix River and sometimes I feel like I am living in a wind tunnel instead of a nice little street.  Oh dear, I digress.

One of the many things I make and sell is something called a Boot Topper.  Have you heard of them?  Well here is how they work!  First, on with the socks, then the Boot Toppers (pull them way up on the calf), then the boots.  Now tuck the bottom of the Topper into your boot and fold the cuff over the top of the boot and Voila! You now look like you are wearing nice thick, fluffy socks in your boots!!  Clever!  

Here are some photos and I do hope they help.  When I first heard of this 'thing' I really couldn't figure it out but I think I've got it!  They look neat when you are wearing a nice thick sweater, some slim jeans and boots!  Nice and casual.  Check out my Etsy to see some different styles.

The boot and the Boot Topper

A little peek inside

The toppers ready to be pulled on and tuck into the boot

The ribbed section goes into the boot, then fold the top over onto the outside of the boot.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today has been one of those days in which a success was achieved!!!!  Yippee !!!

Let me explain.  I have a small business in which I create journals, kindle cases and a lot of knitting, ie fingerless gloves, leg-warmers, and cowl.  I have created tags for these things, tags that tell what kind of yarn is used, what kind of fabric is used for the journal covers, where that fabric has come from (it is all recycled fabric from old clothes).  These tags serve a purpose of course.  But I have been wanting a little label inside of my items.  Well!  Finally, I have figured out how to do it and I will try to share that info with you.  Mind you, this label is small and hard to photograph.  Sorry about that.  But I think the pictures will help a little bit.  

Here are three pictures of the labels being used:  a knit glove, a kindle case, & a journal.

The supplies that you will need are:  a mirror image of the information you want on your labels, scissors, iron, a small wooden board & a light-weight piece of fabric on which to iron, a product that will transfer printer ink from a special kind of paper to fabric (I used an iron-on transfer by June Taylor, twill tape (or bias tape) cut into the size you will need. 

The bottom picture shows the board and fabric to iron on.  Most importantly it shows the steps you will do:  print you labels on the transfer paper and cut them to the size you will need, cut the tape to the size you need, and on the far right of the picture you will see the twill tape folded and with the word printed on the top of the tape, ready to put in its place.

I purchased 3/4" twill tape because I wanted to run my words across the tape, not the length of the tape.  I wanted a label about the size of the Levi label on jeans.  You will chose the fabric that you will need for the size label you want to create.

I hope that this is clear for you,  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do my best, to help you.  

This has worked very well for me and I feel is adds a bit of a professional touch to to product.  Granted it is a bit 'puttzy' but for me, well worth it.  Good luck with this little project!!!!1

Friday, October 5, 2012

Today I will go to the post office to mail two packages.  One to a gallery in Lutsen, MN, Last Chance Gallery and one to a friend who has ordered two pair of fingerless glove, one pink and one Minnesota Vikings purple. (very difficult to accomplish because I am a Packer fan).

Who knew that it is impossible to find the correct color of purple to make those  Minnesota Vikings gloves!!!!  3 stores later, what I found will have to do.  I even walked around the store carrying a bolt of Viking fabric so I could really match the colors.  No such thing in yarn - - too blue, too red, too lavender ----- Yikes!    I sure hope the customer likes the gloves, they look cute with their gold bead (Viking are purple and gold)!  I tried!!! I really did!  

It seems that my list of 'products is getting longer and longer!  You can find the Recycled Fabric items on Etsy, but the kintting is difficult for me to photograph. I am working on it!!!

     Fingerless Gloves                       Recycled Fabric Covered Journals
     Leg-warmers                            Recycled Fabric Covered Kindle Cases   
     Baby Leg-warmers                     Recycled Fabric Coverd iPhone cases

Have a great day today!!!!!   See, Think, Imagine!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Why is it that even though I love reading blogs, and want to have a blog, I put off writing on my very own blog.  I guess I feel that perhaps what I have to say is not that important.  Yet,  I do have something to say.  About lots of things but about my work?  Not so much.  So here is the best that I can do for today.

This past weekend was my very first Art Festival!  I shared a booth with Jocelyn Mickelsen and her beautiful beads!  It was a great fit -- her beads and creativity, my beaded crazy quilts, recycled fabric covered journals and knit gloves, (LLKDesigns) each glove with a pretty bead!  The festival was Rauchfest at the Harriet Brewery in Minneapolis.  Good food, music and art!  It was great talking to people about my products and seeing my family there too!  

Here is a picture of our humble display and, for me, a new venture. In Minneapolis look for Rauchfest next fall!  

And look for LLKDesigns at the Hot Air Affair in Hudson, WI the first weekend in Febuary, 2013!  Hopefully my display will be bigger that this!!! But a person has to start somewhere!

Today I have listed a new item on Etsy and will be doing so every day for a few days. 

Take a peak!  And thanks for stopping by!