Friday, October 5, 2012

Today I will go to the post office to mail two packages.  One to a gallery in Lutsen, MN, Last Chance Gallery and one to a friend who has ordered two pair of fingerless glove, one pink and one Minnesota Vikings purple. (very difficult to accomplish because I am a Packer fan).

Who knew that it is impossible to find the correct color of purple to make those  Minnesota Vikings gloves!!!!  3 stores later, what I found will have to do.  I even walked around the store carrying a bolt of Viking fabric so I could really match the colors.  No such thing in yarn - - too blue, too red, too lavender ----- Yikes!    I sure hope the customer likes the gloves, they look cute with their gold bead (Viking are purple and gold)!  I tried!!! I really did!  

It seems that my list of 'products is getting longer and longer!  You can find the Recycled Fabric items on Etsy, but the kintting is difficult for me to photograph. I am working on it!!!

     Fingerless Gloves                       Recycled Fabric Covered Journals
     Leg-warmers                            Recycled Fabric Covered Kindle Cases   
     Baby Leg-warmers                     Recycled Fabric Coverd iPhone cases

Have a great day today!!!!!   See, Think, Imagine!!!!


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