Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hi there!  It has been a long stretch between blog writings!  Well, a lot has been going on, just regular living and holidays, travels, company in between.  And then, of course there is knitting, creating journals and finding a new interest (I need to stop!!!) in making some Sugar Lip Scrubs.

The journals are easy to photograph. The knitting? Not so much.  The Cowls and Boot Toppers work well with the camera but not the Fingerless Gloves or Leg Warmers.  And of course the Sugar Lip Scrubs photos well.

So here are a few pictures to encourage you to shop at my Etsy shop.  Stop in and see -- perhaps some good ideas for Graduation presents, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Journals for travelers, and on and on. Etsy ! The place to shop!!!

And now back to the Knitting and Journal creating!  Knitting for Ecology Sports in Sister Bay, WI, and Journals for Seasons on St. Croix Art Gallery in Hudson, WI!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog!  Come again!  And in the mean time,